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EAST VENTURA COUNTY FOCUS; THOUSAND OAKS; Laura Huxley Talk Set at Cal Lutheran;

Tuesday, November 18, 1997 Ventura County Edition Section: Metro Type: News Brief ID:0970104475 Words: 114 Byline: VERONIQUE de TURENNE Laura Huxley, the widow of author and philosopher Aldous Huxley, will speak at California Lutheran University on Sunday.


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CULTURE WATCH; Cherishing Children;

Tuesday, May 3, 1994 Home Edition Section: Metro Type: Editorial ID:0940041453 Words: 212 "Brave New World," Shakespeare's radiant phrase, became a category of modern thought thanks to Aldous Huxley, who made it the title of his 1932 novel. But the irony of the title is lost unless one hears behind it the joyful cry of the young Miranda in "The Tempest."


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'Diseclipsing' the Light; HUXLEY AND GOD: Essays on Mysticism and Spirituality, By Aldous Huxley Edited by Jacqueline Bridgeman (Harper San Francisco: $13; 285 pp.);

Sunday, November 22, 1992 Home Edition Section: Book Review Type: Book Review ID:0920131321 Words: 1108 Byline: Charles Marowitz Marowitz is a director and writer who lives in Los Angeles. His most


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For Seniors; Conceiving a More Nurturing World;

Sunday, April 10, 1994 Home Edition Section: Westside ID:0940033705 Words: 638 Byline: LINDA FELDMAN In her book "The Child of Your Dreams," Laura Huxley writes: "Look at the whole picture: a baby continuously and irrevocably present in your life. Not just for one hour, for play and fondling; not just for a


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Sunday, December 27, 1992 Home Edition Section: Book Review Type: Letters to the Editor ID:0920145207 Words: 101 In an otherwise fine review of "Huxley and God" (Nov. 22), Charles Marowitz sold Aldous Huxley short by indicating that high ideas and highbrow friends "prevented him from enjoying junk food, junk ideas and junk people."


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Huxley's World Still Brave; 34 years after his death, author-founder's Ojai school remains as thought-provoking as his literary legacy;

Sunday, November 16, 1997 Ventura County Edition Section: Metro ID:0970103782 Words: 1133 Byline: STEVE CHAWKINS TIMES STAFF WRITER At the Happy Valley School, there will be only a brief nod Saturday to the lesser-known death that took place Nov. 22, 1963.


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Out & About; A Brave 'New' Script;

Sunday, November 9, 1997 Home Edition Section: Life & Style ID:0970101201 Words: 945 Byline: IRENE LACHER TIMES STAFF WRITER You've seen her as a murderous lesbian and a murderous heterosexual. Now Sharon Stone is playing a truly shocking role--literary archeologist.


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Westside Watch; Sunset Billboard Brings Out the Activist in Therapist;

Thursday, April 21, 1994 Home Edition Section: Westside ID:0940037172 Words: 435 Writer, therapist and lecturer Laura Huxley never considered herself an activist. But when the 82-year-old widow of author Aldous Huxley saw an advertising sign for a jeans company on Sunset Boulevard, she decided to take action.


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PAINT IT BLACK; Smokestacks Belching Dark Smoke Into the Mediterranean Sky? Memorable, Thinks the Author, and Exceedingly Beautiful.;

Sunday, March 6, 1994 Home Edition Section: Los Angeles Times Magazine ID:0940021888 Words: 816 Byline: Aldous Huxley "Your genuine traveler," wrote the English author Aldous Huxley in 1924 (in an essay rhetorically titled "Why Not Stay Home?"), "is so


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LOS ANGELES TIMES INTERVIEW; Don Bachardy; On the Uneasy Alliance Between Hollywood and Art;

Sunday, June 15, 1997 Home Edition Section: Opinion Piece Type: Opinion Piece; Interview ID:0970053648 Words: 1895 Byline: Allison Silver Allison Silver is the editor of the Opinion section Los Angeles, at the fulcrum of popular culture, has had an uneasy relationship with high art. Serious artists have often had an uncomfortable


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Drink; Wine; Making Sense of Winespeak; An Opinionated Glossary;

Wednesday, March 12, 1997 Home Edition Section: Food ID:0970022377 Words: 1235 Byline: MATT KRAMER Kramer is the author of several books, including "Making Sense of Wine" (Morrow, 1992) In 1879, the British biologist T.H. Huxley (grandfather of Aldous) was asked by unscientific sorts why scientists cannot be content with "plain


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PERSPECTIVE ON RESEARCH; A Brave New World Is Hatched; An NIH plan would create human beings for study and experimentation, and then dispose of them.;

Sunday, November 27, 1994 Home Edition Section: Opinion Piece Type: Opinion Piece ID:0940113274 Words: 630 Byline: GEORGE WEIGEL George Weigel is the president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington At the beginning of Aldous Huxley's classic novel, as at the


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Sunday, December 27, 1992 Home Edition Section: Book Review Type: Letters to the Editor ID:0920145209 Words: 51 Re "Huxley and God":


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LOOKING AHEAD / TAMARA J. ERICKSON; Redefining the Business Landscape;

Wednesday, August 1, 1990 Home Edition Section: Business ID:0900100319 Words: 501 Byline: TAMARA J. ERICKSON TAMARA J. ERICKSON is managing director of the industry management section of Arthur D. Little Inc., the international management and technology consulting firm headquartered in Cambridge, Mass


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Insurers' Use of Gene Tests: Curbs on Abuse Are Needed; Congress is right to seek safeguards for high-tech data;

Saturday, November 1, 1997 Home Edition Section: Metro Type: Editorial ID:0970098548 Words: 538 Judging people by the makeup of their genes rather than the conduct of their lives has long been portrayed as soulless. Think of the ghostly Social


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Moonwalk; MURDER BOOK. By Richard Rayner. Houghton Mifflin: 384 pp., $25 ; THE UNIVERSAL DONOR. By Craig Nova . Houghton Mifflin: 258 pp., $23 ; STARS SCREAMING. By John Kaye. Atlantic Monthly: 304 pp., $25 ; IF YOU LIVED HERE, YOU'D BE HOME BY NOW. By Sandra Tsing Loh. Riverhead Books: 224 pp., $23.95;

Sunday, October 19, 1997 Home Edition Section: Book Review Type: Book Review ID:0970093690 Words: 1575 Byline: GARY INDIANA


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RECORDINGS; A Grand Tour of Stravinsky's United States;

Sunday, October 12, 1997 Home Edition Section: Calendar Type: Audio Recording Review ID:0970091300 Words: 193 Byline: Mark Swed "Stravinsky in America." London Symphony Orchestra, Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor. (BMG) * * * *


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Sunday, April 27, 1997 Home Edition Section: Book Review Type: Letters to the Editor ID:0970037673 Words: 694 To the Editor:


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Soccer, School Is All Greek to MacLeod; Athletics: Trabuco Hills senior handles herself brilliantly in the classroom and on the field.;

Monday, December 30, 1996 Orange County Edition Section: Sports Type: High School Sports ID:0960114030 Words: 675 Byline: WENDY WITHERSPOON TIMES STAFF WRITER Remember the Alphas and the Epsilons? Remember high school English class and Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"?


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SO SoCal; Metropolis; City of Allusion;

Sunday, November 3, 1996 Home Edition Section: Los Angeles Times Magazine ID:0960095664 Words: 144 Byline: Bill Stern Once upon a time, books were books and businesses were businesses with generic names like Acme Electric and Dombey and Son. But somewhere along the way, stores started sprouting names that alluded to popular literature. These


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Four-Star Films; 'Pride and Prejudice';

Sunday, August 11, 1996 Orange County Edition Section: TV Times Type: Television Program Review ID:0960069448 Words: 130 Byline: Kevin Thomas Amid the recent and impressive cycle of Jane Austen screen adaptations MGM's 1940 "Pride and Prejudice" holds up better than you might expect as a prime example of Hollywood studio gentility in the '30s and '40s. This highly


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ART REVIEW; Obsessiveness at Heart of Three Exhibitions;

Thursday, August 1, 1996 Home Edition Section: Calendar Type: Art Review ID:0960066306 Words: 723 Byline: SUSAN KANDEL SPECIAL TO THE TIMES Three shows are currently at Track 16 Gallery: "Author, Author," an array of photographs of writers, curated by George Meredith from his own collection; shotgun art and miscellaneous paintings by William Burroughs, shown in


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Etienne Ret; Portrait Painter, Lithographer;

Saturday, June 29, 1996 Home Edition Section: PART A Type: Obituary ID:0960056450 Words: 122 Etienne Ret, 96, painter known internationally for his portraits and lithography. A native of Bourbonnais, France, he studied at the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and immigrated to Southern California in 1924. He did portraits of the wealthy literati who passed through Santa Monica, including


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Sunday, January 14, 1996 Home Edition Section: TV Times Type: Sidebar ID:0960003894 Words: 220 Byline: SUSAN KING Jane Austen may be hot property at the moment, but her works have always been popular on the big and small screen. Those below are available on video.


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Friday, February 24, 1995 Valley Edition Section: Valley Life Type: Theater Review ID:0950017994 Words: 358 Byline: T.H. McCULLOH SPECIAL TO THE TIMES; T.H. McCulloh writes regularly about theater for The Times In 1980, when it was first produced at California Institute of the Arts, director / adapter Robert Benedetti's walking tour through Aldous



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Bringing a 'Brave New World' to Today's Stage; Theater: Fifteen years after staging the novel at CalArts, director Robert Benedetti is back with a more sophisticated production for the school's 25th anniversary.;

Tuesday, February 14, 1995 Home Edition Section: Calendar Type: Profile ID:0950014828 Words: 720 Byline: LAWRENCE CHRISTON TIMES STAFF WRITER How prophetic was Aldous Huxley's 1936 novel "Brave New World"?



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Frieda in the Flesh;

Sunday, January 29, 1995 Home Edition Section: Book Review Type: Book Review; Sidebar ID:0950009253 Words: 288 Byline: Regina Marler FRIEDA LAWRENCE by Rosie Jackson (HarperSanFrancisco: $22; 238 pp.) Rosie Jackson sets herself a difficult task in publishing a short appreciation of Frieda Lawrence in the same year as Janet Byrne's full-length study of Frieda and Brenda Maddox's comprehensive biography


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Counterpunch; 'Junior's' Baby Is No Joke;

Monday, December 5, 1994 Home Edition Section: Calendar ID:0940116023 Words: 338 Byline: LAURA BROWN Laura Brown is a free-lance writer and mother who lives in Pasadena. I found Kenneth Turan's review of the Ivan Reitman comedy "Junior," starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, to be as light and fluffy as he claims the film itself is ("Arnold's Mommy Syndrome," Calendar, Nov. 23).



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So Why the Need to Attack the City of Angels?;

Tuesday, November 22, 1994 Home Edition Section: Life & Style Type: Sidebar ID:0940111675 Words: 466 Byline: THOMAS CURWEN L.A. bashing has always been good sport.



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Sunday, October 2, 1994 Home Edition Section: Book Review ID:0940093274 Words: 388 Byline: DAVID EHRENSTEIN Many decades have passed since literary journals such as the Exile (Ezra Pound, ed.), Hound and Horn (Lincoln Kirsten, ed.) and View (Charles Henri Ford, ed.) set the pace for serious writing. It wasn't all that long ago when an interview with E. M. Forster, Dorothy Parker or


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BRIEFLY; Arts: Photos by Surrealist Man Ray Displayed at College;

Sunday, April 3, 1994 Home Edition Section: Westside Type: News Brief ID:0940031165 Words: 168 An exhibit of photographs by the surrealist Man Ray will be on display through April 23 at the Santa Monica College Photography Gallery.


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Sunday, January 30, 1994 Home Edition Section: Book Review Type: Book Review ID:0940009300 Words: 255 Byline: CHRIS GOODRICH THE INTELLECTUALS AND THE MASSES: Pride and Prejudice Among the Literary Intelligentsia, 1880-1939 by John Carey (St. Martin's Press: $19.95; 246 pp.). In 1905, British poet T.W.H. Crosland published "The Suburbans," a book in which he attacked suburban dwellers for being


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The Domain of British Travel Writers


Sunday, July 11, 1993 Home Edition

Section: Travel Type: Book Review

ID:0930070173 Words: 692


LONELINESS AND TIME: The Story of British Travel Writing by Mark Cocker (Pantheon, $23 hardcover).



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Sunday, March 21, 1993 Home Edition

Section: Book Review Type: Book Review

ID:0930029123 Words: 218


LAWRENCE AND THE WOMEN: The Intimate Life of D.H. Lawrence by Elaine Feinstein (HarperCollins: $27.50; 268 pp.). If there's a writer who all but begs to be viewed through the women in his life, it's D.H. Lawrence: his mother Lydia, a strong-willed woman who dominated her



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Gov. Wilson's Performance


Monday, January 11, 1993 Home Edition

Section: Metro Type: Letters to the Editor

ID:0930003458 Words: 29

Aldous Huxley in his novel "Brave New World" warned that schizophrenia would be the scourge of the 20th Century, but he didn't say it was contagious. You catch it from watching our governor.



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Brown's Campaign;

Monday, April 20, 1992 Home Edition Section: Metro Type: Letters to the Editor ID:0920044704 Words: 81 Recently I sent Jerry Brown a contribution of $100 from my personal checking account and $100 from Our Ultimate Investment, an organization for the nurturing of the possible human--of which I am the founder.


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COVER STORY; The Other Gurus Who Guide the Stars;

Sunday, February 16, 1992 Home Edition Section: Calendar Type: Sidebar; Profile ID:0920018642 Words: 741 Byline: TERRY PRISTIN Greta Garbo was a follower of Krishnamurti, the late Indian philosopher who spent part of his time in Ojai, and it may have been his influence that caused her to abandon her movie career. Eastern mysticism



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TV REVIEW; 'Exiles' Details Artistic Flight From Hitler


Friday, October 25, 1991 Home Edition

Section: Calendar Type: Television Program Review

ID:0910123901 Words: 297


In its first hour, Richard Kaplan and Lou Potter's documentary "The Exiles" (at 10 tonight on KCET Channel 28) seems about to collapse under the combined burden of talk and aimlessness. But the adventure of


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Sunday, April 21, 1991 Home Edition

Section: Book Review Type: Book Review

ID:0910047815 Words: 150

Byline: Chris Goodrich

IN SEARCH OF . . . LITERARY L.A. by Lionel Rolfe (California Classics: $11.95, paper; 180 pp.). The literary scene in Los Angeles is neither as vital nor as visible as it should be, so any book that celebrates local book writers is welcome. The trouble with "In Search of


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A Romantic Faces Reality; NAMPALLY ROAD, By Meena Alexander (Mercury House: $15.95; 120 pp.)


Sunday, January 27, 1991 Home Edition

Section: Book Review Type: Book Review

ID:0910012357 Words: 742

Byline: Merle Rubin Rubin is a frequent contributor to the Book Review

Like Noah's dove--or canaries dispatched by miners to test the air--Third World writers have been bringing tidings of life in the


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Science / Medicine; Growth Hormones; Use of these expensive and experimental hormones presents an ethical dilemma in a society that often measures a person's worth by his height.; Hormones: Pressure to help children grow taller is strong. But many experts are uncertain about the long-term risks and effects.;

Monday, January 1, 1990 Home Edition Section: Metro ID:0900000048 Words: 1000 Byline: MARGIE PATLAK